DIYEG Roundup: Oct. 30, 2016

Currently listening to: I’ve been on a huge Weakerthans kick for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve realized I don’t have the entire Reunion Tour album on my phone so I can listen to it while walking to work or while working. Luckily I found a playlist on YouTube.

Currently watching: My wife and I are really enjoying Late Night with Seth Meyers these days. It has possibly overtaken Jimmy Fallon in our late-night viewing triage. Fallon seems to gloss over the U.S. election too much, while Stephen Colbert relies too heavily on it for material. Meyers has struck a great balance between the two extremes. Plus we really enjoy Jokes Seth Can’t Tell, mainly due to the adorable Amber Ruffin (who is also adorable whenever she appears on Drunk History).

Currently reading: Still reading Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman. He has gotten into the actual processes of milling lumber and buying it. There was a step-by-step guide I recently read there for a pop-top, a bottle opener that looks rather easy to make — but I might need to visit a friend to borrow his drill press.

Also going on this week in the world of DIY and YEG:

  • Speaking of Nick Offerman and his eponymous Los Angeles woodshop, they rectly teamed up with Popular Mechanics to build and install some planter boxes at a high school in south L.A. Sounds like a neat project!
  • Karlynn at The Kitchen Magpie, an Edmonton-based food blog, has offered up a recipe for American Goulash. Sounds like something along the same vein of chili con carne or beef stroganoff — the sort of stick-to-your-ribs goodness that I start craving this time of year.
  • Karlynn also offers up a recipe for a Reese’s chocolate chip skillet cookie. It looks absolutely amazing, but I don’t think we’re going to be making it anytime soon. Damn this diet!
  • Over at Almost Makes Perfect, there’s a tutorial on DIYing a leather hand grip on a cat litter scooper. This is kind of neat and I think could be applied to a whole bunch of different hand tools to increase their comfort and durability.
  • I’m really enjoying the /r/woodworking subreddit I recently discovered over on Reddit. There are lots of folks like me who post there, with step-by-step accounts and photos of their projects. I plan to check back in there regularly for inspiration on future projects.

Anything else I should know about this week? Let me know in the comments.


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